Swarovski were in need of an on-brand yet stand alone web solution for their lighting products. A stylish and glamorous website to show of the sparkle of their finest lighting crystals.
A modern web concept was developed focusing on straight lines and minimalism. Overlapping elements and photography would add depth and movement for the user, captivating them in the products on show. It was important to the Swarovski team that the products were displayed clearly but also authentically. 
Simple sans-serif typography was in use in order to adhere to brand guidelines previously set. Colour was also important, taking inspiration from the products, deep navy and natural beige were used throughout to enhance the sense of luxury.
A fully responsive website design was presented as part of a larger proposal to the Swarovski lighting team. Both they and I were extremely happy with the outcome and look forward to such opportunities arising again in the near future.​​​​​​​
"A modern sense of luxury with the user in mind, we are extremely impressed with the final outcome"
- The Swarovski lighting team

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